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Alpha Patrol Boat PRB08027


Alpha Patrol Boat PRB08027



ProBoat Alpha Patrol Boat
21inch Long

If you’re looking for a realistic boating experience, the ProBoat Alpha Patrol Boat is for you. From the trim scheme to the scale looking accessories, it’s impeccable detail makes it picture perfect on the water or on the mantle.
Durable ABS hull
Propelled by twin jet pumps
A water cooling coil to extend the life of the brushed 390 sized motor

Detailed military trim scheme
Boat stand included for display or storage while not in use
Use your Alpha Patrol boat at night by using the working LEDs
Detailed accessories including, machine guns, light pods, dock bumper tyres, antennas and a flag
60 amp Waterproof ESC
Less than 1 hour assembly time
Most any size 7.4 LiPo battery is compatible
History of the Alpha Patrol Boat

The ProBoat Assault Support Patrol boat, otherwise known as ‘Alpha boat’ was purpose built for riverine operations by American forces in Vietnam. Made of steel for maximum durability, it displaced at 36.5 tons with a length of 15m and was able to traverse 1.29m of water. It was powered by two 12V71 diesel engines of 430 horsepower each and consisted of a captain, radioman, engineer/gunner - a .50 caliber heavy machine gunner as well as a 20mm autocannon gunner.

Scale Military RC boat like no other
The 21inch ProBoat Alpha Patrol Boat is a highly detailed military RC scale boat. It is perfect for cruising around a lake, or as a display model with its moulded detailed accessories such as a .50 caliber gun on the bow, m60 machine guns, a .50mm gun on the transom, a flag, and dock bumper tyres.

Powered by dual motors
Dual brushed 390 size, 22T motors power the new ProBoat Alpha Patrol boat, along with a 60-amp waterproof ESC. Propelled by twin, steerable jet pumps just like the boat it is modelled after, ensures you will have a smooth ride.

Take control of the pivoting gun turret
The ProBoat Alpha Patrol boat comes with an interference-free Spektrum 2.4GHz FHSS transmitter. Add a 3-channel transmitter and a servo, and you can take control of the pivoting the gun turret mounted on the bow.
An RC boat that looks good on and off the water.

What you Need
LiPo battery.
4 x AA batteries.