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E-Flite UMX F4F Wildcat BNF basic EFLU3650


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E-Flite UMX F4F Wildcat BNF basic EFLU3650

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$189.95 tax incl.

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Richly detailed and highly accurate scale outline
Brushless 180-size outrunner motor with 3000Kv
Fully corresponding 4-channel control
Finely detailed steerable tail wheel and removable landing gear
Linear servos for high performance
AS3X technology to provide greater precision and stability
U.S. Navy ace, Butch O’Hare’s original trim scheme
Panel line details and cowl flap
Pilot figure easily seen through clear canopy
Realistic-looking 3-blade propeller

Ultra-micro scale Military fighter plane
The F4F Wildcat was the U.S. Navy’s frontline fighter in the WW2 Pacific theatre of war. While it was less manoeuvrable and slower than the Japanese Zero’s it was up against, the rugged airframe, heavier armour and self-sealing fuel tanks enabled the Wildcat to endure a lot of punishment and still keep flying. The U.S. Navy’s first fighter ace, Edward ‘Butch’ O’Hare, distinguished himself in the F4F Wildcat and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honour for his flying feats. The ultra-micro scale model of this tough and robust fighter plane comes with the same markings and trim scheme that flew with prominence in the Pacific during WW2.
Powerful brushless motor and AS3X Technology

The realistic 3-blade propeller is another of the scale details that not only looks authentic but combines seamlessly with the climb and speed performance you get from the F4F Wildcat’s brushless motor. It is recommended that you power the 180-size, 3000Kv motor with a 280mAh 2S 7.4V 30C LiPo which is sold separately.
AS3X technology enables you to fly the F4F Wildcat in less than optimal conditions safe in the knowledge that you have the AS3X helping you stabilise and decrease the effect of wind and turbulence. You will notice no delays in the flight response of the Wildcat as its effects will feel completely natural and provide no hindrance to the aircraft's agility. The combination of the exclusive flight control software and the 3-axis sensing will make it feel like you have expert flying control of what will seem like a larger responsive model.

Unrivalled Scale Detail
Whether it’s the cowl flaps, the moulded panel lines or the clear canopy with pilot figure you will feel like you are looking at a genuine scale version of Butch O’Hare’s WW2 F4F Wildcat no matter what angle you’re seeing it from. The scale detail and trim scheme are just like the real thing.
Realistic Removable Landing Gear and Steerable Tail Wheel
Continuing with the genuine detailing you will find the scale main landing gear faithfully replicates that of the original Wildcat’s. When the main gear is removed the landing gear looks as if it is retracted due to the molded cover included with the kit. The positioning of the steerable tailwheel is also designed to match the full-scale Wildcat’s appearance.

What you Need
Radio. We recommend the Spektrum DX8 (SPM80001), Spektrum DX9 (SPMR99101) or the Spektrum DX6e (SPM6650)
LiPo Battery. We recommend the Dualsky 220mah 2S Battery (DSBXP02202EX)
Charger. We recommend the E-Flite Celectra (EFLUC1007) with Charge leads (EFLA700UM)